not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: October 2004

Sunday, October 31, 2004

My psychologist's hat

And I am wearing my psychologist's hat today which is not red & has no stars on it & there's no 0 & ther's no 1; unlike It's rather old, brown & stripy.


Happy halloween!
happy fetish screaming!

drawn by moostive

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Being in constant change!

drawn by moostive

'Spring forward, Fall back'

Just to remind you
Don't forget that British Time changes on Sunday morning!
our clocks go back one hour so we will all have an extra hour in bed, hooray!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Self-portrait's me..I drew it myself just 3 0r 4 dyas back...I believe it's kinda cool; isn't it?

Friday, October 22, 2004

Check this out!

Listen to Fereidoun's new album by clicking below:

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Guildford in this year's 13 be dar!

Take a look at this:

I took it on this year's "13 be dar" day, what a stupid day that was...I wish I could have had my own celebration for it.

About Matt's replies!!!

I just wanted to thank you matt for those beautiful comments, you don't know how funny they were while I was reading them...oh god you just made me write about his sort of special smell that even surrounds the entire house, the whole building.

Eventulally Matt was sitting next me when I was writing this new entry, so here's what he just added to my comment:

"He's talking about that pungent smell that sticks around forever. the second he opened his suitcase all those day away the whole of walles instantly could smell the stench of Srilanka, what a Tamil!"

Today's quote:"remeber not to stay in his room when he's gonna open his suitcase!!!"

Matthieu's replies to "My dormitory life stories (1)"

Read these replies:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
jay is still at it!!!!! all the way up to the early hours of the morning you will hear the costent sumping of his subwoofer. and when he is not blastting the music, he is playing cricket INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!
the other night I was kept up the constant shouting and exitment as jay was playing a network game with the housemates. He has come out of his shell and turned into a housemate from hell!!!!
nahh he is not that bad I'am just jooking. Dont take it to heart jay.

& this one:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
with jay in the house there is no need for an alarm clock no more!!!! it was wed and I was looking forward to waking up late and enjoying a good night sleep for once, but guess what jay was on the phone to his mum at 8am for an hour and a half, he woke the hole house up. ohh well!!! lol

& this one too:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
ohh yeah forgot to mention jaydeep's ANNOYING GIRLY LAUGH that can be heard for miles; it even manages to wake up the deers on the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Iran's photos (1)

By clicking on the link below, you will have 44 pages to browse to discover the real Iranian beauty:

Saturday, October 16, 2004


M Rasoulov



Friday, October 15, 2004

Harsh lines!

Playing with harsh lines while you're drawing or just sketching freely & creatively is fun as you might end up with quite interesting stuff that you never knew you're gonna come up with just like what I ended up by the other day as you can see below:

drawn by moostive

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Just wanted to share it with you!

This is one of my newest paintings.
Wolud you tell me what & how you think about it?

If you click on it, it takes you straightaway to my online portfolio where you can see more!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Leave me your comments!

drawn by moostive

My dormitory life stories! (1)

What I wrote to Jay the other day & hung it on my door outside so then everyone could see!!!

I'm really getting annoyed with your utterly loud music!

Cuz I shouldn't be hearing what you're listening to blood!
m rasoulov

Even while I'm talking on the phone, I'm askeed to turn the goddamn music down as they can't hear me properly so just see how loud the volume is!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My cartoon curriculum vitae!

Please Contact:
M Rasoulov
Phone: ...

Nationality: Iranian
Education: Beng in Elec eng at UniS / University of Surrey, Guildford, England
Job: University Student

• Kashan Citizenship Festival / 2003 (Special Prize & mention Diploma)
• Tehran Recycling Art Festival / 2002 (Mention Diploma of Attending)

Group Exhibitions:
. Tehran/ Cartoon Exhibition in Ghanoun Cultural center / 2003

Specializations :
• Editorial ( Cartoon & Caricature )
• Greeting Cards
• Illustrations
• Logos
• Posters
• Web sites

• Adobe Photoshop
• Canvas
• CorelDraw
• FreeHand

Who am I & what I do?
I was born in Shiraz (Great Persia) but I grew up in Tehran City, where
my love of architecture, paintings, and photography was developed.

As a creative person art has always been a vital part of my life and I have been that lucky to try different medias but I have never sat down in art classes as
Engineering is my occupation at the moment but I have also never needed to as
art is something you don't really need lectures for to understand its basic
concepts and all you need to do is deepen your strengths about it.
Caricature is mostly the main output of my works as it really provides all aspects of combining all those things I just mentioned above fully together.
I also Write articles on various issues of arts once again mostly on
cartoon from time to time in which some of them have been published
around in different magazines & website such as “kayhan caricature”.
My works have also been exhibited for number of times in some
exhibitions & magazines in Iran.
I am terribly addicted & attracted to Modernism & so Post-modernism quickly afterwards.In my works I have been always trying to combine Surrealism with
Post-modernism somehow.Miro's one of my favourite artist, I like him, as there is no specific structure in my opinion in his truly magnificent works, as mine
also doesn't seem to have any.
My favourite surface is definitely not canvas as it doesn't meet my
expectations at all unlike very thin piece of paper does it all for me.
I also prefer using pen instead of all other medias and finally colours
don't have much roll in my works, as I don't think I know them properly
as I'm just 21 years old.

My bookmarks!

My favourte web-places that I often head to are as follows: / / / /

& WWW.GOOYA.COM + that I check them out everytime I get on to the Internet.

What is so obvious is there are more bookmarks to be written in here but enough of typing & am outta here.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

My very own fav Bandari & Abadani selection!

Moostive's selection for Persian night:

1.Sineriz (Pouya)
2.Abadan (The Boyz)
3.To mahshari (Omid)
4.Dokhtar e Ahmadabad (The Boyz)
5.Dokhtar Bandari (Shahram K)
6.Nazi joon (Shahram K)
7.Dokhtar Abadani (Sandi)
8.Yad e to (Moein)
9.Bandari (Moein)
10.hamideh (2fun)
11.Delam tangeh (Arman)
12.Soze soze (Mahmood Shamshiri)
13.Siah moo (Arman)
14.To mesle goli (Saeed)
15.Dokhtar Ahvazi (Sandi)
16.Khoshgel e Bandar (shahram Shbpare)

I'm gonna add some more tracks by its time...