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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My cartoon curriculum vitae!

Please Contact:
M Rasoulov
Phone: ...

Nationality: Iranian
Education: Beng in Elec eng at UniS / University of Surrey, Guildford, England
Job: University Student

• Kashan Citizenship Festival / 2003 (Special Prize & mention Diploma)
• Tehran Recycling Art Festival / 2002 (Mention Diploma of Attending)

Group Exhibitions:
. Tehran/ Cartoon Exhibition in Ghanoun Cultural center / 2003

Specializations :
• Editorial ( Cartoon & Caricature )
• Greeting Cards
• Illustrations
• Logos
• Posters
• Web sites

• Adobe Photoshop
• Canvas
• CorelDraw
• FreeHand

Who am I & what I do?
I was born in Shiraz (Great Persia) but I grew up in Tehran City, where
my love of architecture, paintings, and photography was developed.

As a creative person art has always been a vital part of my life and I have been that lucky to try different medias but I have never sat down in art classes as
Engineering is my occupation at the moment but I have also never needed to as
art is something you don't really need lectures for to understand its basic
concepts and all you need to do is deepen your strengths about it.
Caricature is mostly the main output of my works as it really provides all aspects of combining all those things I just mentioned above fully together.
I also Write articles on various issues of arts once again mostly on
cartoon from time to time in which some of them have been published
around in different magazines & website such as “kayhan caricature”.
My works have also been exhibited for number of times in some
exhibitions & magazines in Iran.
I am terribly addicted & attracted to Modernism & so Post-modernism quickly afterwards.In my works I have been always trying to combine Surrealism with
Post-modernism somehow.Miro's one of my favourite artist, I like him, as there is no specific structure in my opinion in his truly magnificent works, as mine
also doesn't seem to have any.
My favourite surface is definitely not canvas as it doesn't meet my
expectations at all unlike very thin piece of paper does it all for me.
I also prefer using pen instead of all other medias and finally colours
don't have much roll in my works, as I don't think I know them properly
as I'm just 21 years old.


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