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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Matthieu's replies to "My dormitory life stories (1)"

Read these replies:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
jay is still at it!!!!! all the way up to the early hours of the morning you will hear the costent sumping of his subwoofer. and when he is not blastting the music, he is playing cricket INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!
the other night I was kept up the constant shouting and exitment as jay was playing a network game with the housemates. He has come out of his shell and turned into a housemate from hell!!!!
nahh he is not that bad I'am just jooking. Dont take it to heart jay.

& this one:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
with jay in the house there is no need for an alarm clock no more!!!! it was wed and I was looking forward to waking up late and enjoying a good night sleep for once, but guess what jay was on the phone to his mum at 8am for an hour and a half, he woke the hole house up. ohh well!!! lol

& this one too:

Matthieu Mehrun said...
ohh yeah forgot to mention jaydeep's ANNOYING GIRLY LAUGH that can be heard for miles; it even manages to wake up the deers on the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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