not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005


The beast is ugly. Baked beast is tastier than fried beast. Beasts are not our entertainers but they maybe clowns of tomorrow. Beasts hate watching Telly. Beasts are sold on eBay for cheap. Beasts don't know how to play poker. Beasts don't lie unless you want them to. Speaking of Beasts I read in papers that a one-legged horse who last year was married to a colored man is going to give birth to their first baby. Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice and she said we are all just prisoners here of our own device and in the master's chambers, they gathered for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast.

By moostive
Shiraz / July 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I was painting the town red, shooting the breeze & disclosing the skeleton in the closet but all of a sudden while going to pieces a soul-searching question popped into my mind: Do I take after Brad Pitt? I was taking pains to find the answer & honestly I couldn't even tell things apart. However through thick & thin, asking the wet blanket inside me, I finally realized that No, I don't take after Brad Pitt. Then I repeatedly shouted out loud: Yay, not against the grain.

By moostive
Shiraz / July 2005

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hold on, Hold on

- My name is Helen, I'm 23. I live in Greensville in south Texas. I'm a Medicine student & am in my last term. I also work as a sales assistant for...

= Hold on, hold on, did anyone here ask you to introduce yourself to us? Huh? Now again & very slowly tell me who you are & what you do?

- I'm sorry, well, I'm Helen Parker & I'm 26. I'm actually from Dallas but 4 years back we moved to Manhattan & ever since I've been working as a Network Security Consultant for MGA Technologies. Being involved with...

by moostive

Monday, July 18, 2005

Nights of Cabiria

Last Friday I had a date with this never-met girl Alice in "Nights of Cabiria" restaurant in south Benolli opposite the Royal Theatre. She didn't come. I waited like an hour for her to come but she never showed up. I was about to leave the place that one of the waiters came up to my table & gave me a piece of paper. It was form Alice. There were just 3 words on the paper: "Come, Fuck, Hard". I knew where she lived so I wrote her address overleaf the paper. Then called the same waiter & whispered these 3 words in her ears: " Go, Have, Fun" & gave him back the paper. Quickly afterwards got myself a taxi & left the restaurant straightaway for the local Airport. I was badly in need of a coffee.

by moostive
June 2005

Labnetore Brewery

In the dark and miserable depths of Labnetore, I went down to the brewery looking for lager. Miles and more miles and yet more away, Daren and Lorna spent hours together making mad sexual positions on my kitchen floor. I found none.

by moostive
June 2005

Monday, July 04, 2005


Once upon a time in a land of magic and fairy dust there lived a crazy old man with a quantum sort of Kane. Simultaneously interesting and boring, wave and particle, constructing and destructing, alive and dead, male and female that many thought is stylish and very trendy but which is actually incredibly bloody, vicious, violent and Painful yet restrained fury with discharges of pony semen; unsurprisingly gorgeous people avoided him like the plague, fearing rejection maybe so he -the crazy old man I mean- decided to use the rope to end his life.

by moostive
June 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Jordin Isip

Jordin Isip was born and raised in Queens, NY. Since receiving his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design he has lived and worked in Brookln, NY. His mixed-media images have appeared in numerous publications including Adbusters, The Atlantic Monthly, Juxtapoz, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Time as well as on book covers, posters, t-shirts, records and cds. Jordin has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. Internationally his work has shown at the Galleria Comunale D’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea (Rome) and the Musee D’histoire Contemporaine (Paris).

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Jordin's work has received awards from and publication in annuals including American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, Print, The Society of Illustrators, and The Society of Publication Designers. He has taught at Tyler School of Art, School of Visual Arts, and Rhode Island School of Design. Jordin is currently teaching at Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute.

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