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Monday, July 18, 2005

Nights of Cabiria

Last Friday I had a date with this never-met girl Alice in "Nights of Cabiria" restaurant in south Benolli opposite the Royal Theatre. She didn't come. I waited like an hour for her to come but she never showed up. I was about to leave the place that one of the waiters came up to my table & gave me a piece of paper. It was form Alice. There were just 3 words on the paper: "Come, Fuck, Hard". I knew where she lived so I wrote her address overleaf the paper. Then called the same waiter & whispered these 3 words in her ears: " Go, Have, Fun" & gave him back the paper. Quickly afterwards got myself a taxi & left the restaurant straightaway for the local Airport. I was badly in need of a coffee.

by moostive
June 2005


Anonymous shohreh said...

NiCe, oNe, pAl!!:D

6:49 PM  

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