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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hold on, Hold on

- My name is Helen, I'm 23. I live in Greensville in south Texas. I'm a Medicine student & am in my last term. I also work as a sales assistant for...

= Hold on, hold on, did anyone here ask you to introduce yourself to us? Huh? Now again & very slowly tell me who you are & what you do?

- I'm sorry, well, I'm Helen Parker & I'm 26. I'm actually from Dallas but 4 years back we moved to Manhattan & ever since I've been working as a Network Security Consultant for MGA Technologies. Being involved with...

by moostive


Anonymous shohreh said...

that happened to me once!
idea came to my head " what if i introduce me as.....would i be more impressive!?" it a good or bad thing to lie?!..should we be confident with who we are n what we do regardless of what they think?...

6:36 PM  

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