not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: Who said we never change?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Who said we never change?

I am lost. I think of faceless people awaiting metamorphosis & the empty diner round the corner. If you think this is going to be total bullshit you can stop reading right now. It's autumn & trees have no leaf on. I'm stressed out & time goes by. The music stops; adventure begins. I climb up the road towards the village where I'll be surrounded by green. I drink apple juice & eat tuna. The rain has stopped & sky is clear. Minutes ago I had a very bad headache. I took a pill & am now feeling better. I feel sleepy. I guess too much alcohol is no fun. I can't stretch my legs freely around on my bed because earlier I emptied my shopping bags on it & can't be bothered to take them off now. I listen to an old man singing a beautiful lullaby. Am I going to be famous? I close my eyes & follow the story. I didn't intend to write the accident & so I'm not. Lilia should be here in a minute. I am going to sleep now.

Moostive / Feb 2006


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