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Saturday, January 08, 2005

DCP narrative / Part 1

The other day I robbed a toilet from a restaurant, then played it like a guitar, made pudding out of it afterwards but very suddenly slipped on soap & twisted my ankle so called an ambulance but it was way too late; however I managed to feel better with some ex-lax in carrying out some Chinese food alongside some other toys like legos and dildos & Lincoln logs which I never figured out how I ended up with more than 100 recipes for cooking fried rice that chef had hidden in the back of his pant pockets that I wasn't aware of the big fat mole right next to it on my liver which shaped just like "Star of David" painted with green, white & red & with glitter was a picture of Ben Stiller humping a manikin which was actually made of cactus; but the story's not gonna stop cause in fact Ben Stiller is unquestionably our super-hero with a large harmonica who celebrates Chanukah, but he's also involved with some sort of dancing to polka music that goes like Bibbidy Boppady Boo & talks about having fun with sex dolls & the care bears. His little friend named Mr Biggleworth likes to spin & flirt with monkeys & loves pink with yummy glitter & jerks off while looking at the Barney the dinosaur who's wearing an "I heart Barney" tee-shirt & is also making loads of purple thongs for his mom while beating off some sort of ugly looking picture of fridge magnet which looked like kebab & had a beautiful face like Amy Lee & liked to sing a song About sniffing coke & eating cookies underneath pool tables...To be Continued!

by moostive & some other DCPers
Thanks to all!


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