not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: The story of my to-do-list

Friday, January 07, 2005

The story of my to-do-list

I had to teak so many tasks off my to-do-list today but I very sadly got them all done so quickly just like in a sec, then I just got too bored & sort of depressed as I wasn't sensing anymore tension & I felt there's absolutely no pressure on me at all; but I had to cheer myself up a bit anyhow so went out on my bike to have a ride around the farm but it rained so came back home as fast as I could, however when I got home I was completely wet so not to catch a cold I had to take a hot shower but the heating wasn't working & thus there was no hot water in the pipes, so at that point all I could think of was to call the "British-gas" to send one of their engineers over to get this thing fixed but then I just realized that I can't get any signal on my cell in this place but anyways at the very least I was happy that I was faced with this new problem. I had another task in my to-do-list to accomplish by tomorrow. I simply wasn't bored anymore!

by moostive


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