not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: Should I get that? It looks really nice.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Should I get that? It looks really nice.

1. Should I get that? It looks really nice.

2. I personally think it's ugly but it doesn't mean it's cute though!

1. Ok, what about this one then in grey?

2. Much better. The first one looked like someone had a nice vomit all over it, which would be ok if the thing were free but it costs like $250.

3. He's right, the first one is an example of designers gone wrong.

1. So why don't we just forget about it, you guys have no taste.

2. But listen why pay two hundred some dollars for this cheap, Aztec looking piece of Shit?

3. Here, let us find ya some nicer stuff!

2. Dude why you caught up in the big names that cost the big dollars and ain't even that nice?! Tell me when you're dead how much will that shit mean?
Absolutely nothing, not a thang! Got a ring? Got a chain? Got a brain?
Use it and stop buyin all these crappy shits that are just useless. Seriously though why would you pay so much for one fucking piece of goddamn clothing? Huh? They were all extremely gay!

3. Ya...That first thing looks like it came from QVC's Home on the Range segment.

1. Wow I need a lesson in fashion apparently! How about this one?

2. Yesss...You finally got it but we're sure you do realize there is a cockroach shit on that shirt!!!


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