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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good Will Hunting, Silent Hill & The Driver series

Last night after not a long but compulsory mid-session interval, I sat & watched the rest of Good Will Hunting, from the beginning of scene #8 that I had paused on till the very ending of credits where the screen goes black. I gotta say it was fucking brilliant. Five star shit. Round about scenes 20, 21 it was that I started saying "please end this good, I don't wanna see some fucking sad tearjerking ending for this one" & I kept hoping on that & to be honest with ya it very rarely happens for me to wish that the movie I'm watching ends the way I want it. Anyhow everything in this movie was in the right place. Superbly photographed scenes, wisely written dialogues, fascinating performances by all the actors and anything else that you'd expect from a top movie. Back to its ending, not only the script meets my expectations & makes my wish come true, it also does set up an amazingly smart & quite funny ending for the movie that made me put my hands together though I was watching it on my own. Highly recommended.


Also silent Hill one of my all time favourite computer games and without a doubt one of the greatest horror games ever has now turned into a movie & will be in theaters this coming spring, I watched the trailer, also glanced at its website, they seem to have stayed very loyal to the original videogame, there is one massive difference though; this time is Sharon's mother Rose who searches for her in the haunted & deserted town of Silent Hill and not her dad.


Also another fav computer games of mine, the Driver series is back featuring an all new character, unique & gritty dual era storyline set in 1970's & present day New York & its trademark car chase driving action. For about 2 years now I haven't had enough time & money to play my fav games; Manhunt & The Warriors are among those. Maybe this summer I'll have more money & time. Fingers crossed.
Till my next enrty ciao! :)


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