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Friday, March 03, 2006

Absurdism & I

It says:

I'm the king.
This is my kingdom.
I live by myself.
Where are my people?

by moostive
I’m often inspired to do something artistic & innovative. Apparently there is an artist living inside me who -when I am in a creative frame of mind- begs for a chance to come out & so when I let him out I end up doing some creative writing on a short story or drawings of mine (as you might have already seen in my txt + Work series), designing a web page, shooting photos, playing instruments & so on because I guess we all kind of need to express ourselves. Right now as I was just telling Bahar, I feel like I’m doing it in unusual ways specifically the way I write in here or the way my drawings are like. I think to some people they may sound a bit too absurd sometimes & I have no idea whether this can be a good thing or a bad thing? I know an artist should never stay the same. So this can only be a period of time. I hope it is because this has already got me worried. I don't know where this absurdism's gonna lead me to?!

Drawn by moostive


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