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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Feeding the birds

Think I gotta be feeding the birds, so don't really know when my next entry's gonna be posted in here cuz holidays are all over & 2nd semester has just begun too & thus am absolutely flat-out.
Digital Eng, Electromagnetism, Power Conversion, Network & Communication Systems & so on & on.
Hope you all the best.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww...Remember, booboo...focus! Keep your priorities straight. =) And try to be relaxed but steadfast. Safe!

9:51 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Connor Wilson said...

Every year my son Dylan and I have been building our Halloween animatronic display. This year we added 12 new figures and my wife had been making the clothes etc. but then I clued in that Halloween Costumes were the ideal solution - ya, ok I'm slow but...This year is really cool because we've done an HP Lovecraft display that I'm sure he'd appreciate but I'm not so sure he'd approve of this - The Necronomicon - Is it just me or is that just plain goofy ? Anyway, everybody is doing their own Haunted House thing now but hey - it's fun and if you've got kids I really suggest you try it yourself if you haven't already. It's a nice change from the usual Christmas Lights routine and a lot of scaaarrry fun. Happy Halloween everybody.

4:17 PM  
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