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Friday, October 21, 2005

Dad, am I a teenager?

Okay, here's the situation. I'm sitting in McDonald's, munching a quarter pounder sandwich and dipped in BBQ fries . It's just me & another family sitting on the other side of the floor. Three kids -two girls round 5 & 7 & a baby boy- along with their dad. I don't know where the mom is but since there's no food on their table I can assume she's downstairs ordering what they're going to have. The baby boy's constantly screaming & crying out. One of the girls -the younger one- is getting punished for being naughty & the dad's reminding her that she'd put a big smile on when her mom comes & will act as normal cause he doesn't want any trouble & then he quite seriously goes like: Do you understand that? The dad's not finished yet that the other girl butts in & asks: Dad, am I a teenager? & in response the dad's like: You're a teenager when you got a "teen" in your age like when you're thirteen, sixteen or nineteen but when you become twenty you're officially an adult. Now the mom's upstairs holding trays of Big Mac & Happy meal. The boy stops crying & I leave.

By Moostive
as requested by Estive / Oct 2005


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