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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cost of living

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Dada is a virgin microbe.
Dada is you sadistically watching porno on the internet.
Dada is against the high cost of living.
Dada is A, B, D & C.
Dada is the chameleon of rapid and self-interested change.
Dada is like cycling down the hill.
Dada is against the future.
Dada is dead.
Dada is a sex doll specially made for horses.
Dada is absurd.
Dada is not a literary school.
Dada is beyond poo, is beyond loo, is beyound you.
Dada has 391 different attitudes and colours according to the sex of the president. It changes - affirms - says the opposite at the same time - no importance - shouts - goes fishing.
Long live Dada anyway.

By Tristan Tzara & Moostive
Photo by Moostive


Blogger برون كا said...

baba dadaist!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Porn Club said...

So your an adult

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5:09 AM  

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