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Monday, August 08, 2005

The God of toilet paper

Lilly was a girl with three eyes, three ears and three lips but only one nose. Along came a boy known as Luthansanorf. He was a normal boy but very smelly. He smelled like a combination of seaweed, diapers and bug spray -without this smell though he couldn't live- literally. Luthansanorf sees Lilly and just stares at her. Lilly asks: "I'm sorry, do I seem that interesting to you for you to keep on staring at me?" Luthansanorf responds: "I'm sorry, you just look so weird!" Lilly asks: "Is it the eyes?" Luthansanorf says: "No" Lilly: "Is it the ears?" Luthansanorf: "No" Lilly: "Well it has to be the lips then, huh?" Luthansanorf: "No" Lilly: "What is it then?" Luthansanorf: "How come you only have ONE nose?" Lilly is baffled at this question and she explains as follows: "I have three of ears, eyes, and lips to enhance my senses of taste, sight, and hearing but I only have one nose because I don't want my sense of smell to be enhanced for disgusting putrid odors like the one that you carry." and she runs away. Luthansanorf was hurt by this comment, he was in such pain and agony that he decided to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff into a vat of deodorant. He dies and goes to Wedgie Island. When he got there, he notices that he is surrounded by giant mushrooms with colors of orange, mauve, and turquoise. He sees a huge caterpillar that says only one phrase: "I am Nickbacktu, the God of toilet paper." Luthansanorf is just awed by what he sees, he sees a purple and gold giraffe, a gangsta gorilla with gold teeth, a tattooed woman with a tail of a donkey, and a Lion that speaks English with a British accent and does the Macarena every 22.36478943 minutes. Then he sees a sign that says "TO SMELLY ALLEY" with an arrow pointing to the left. He goes there and that was his calling, a place where he can smell so badly and yet no one cares, a place that he can be confident and live free without the fear of anyone running away from him. He lived happily ever after in a room full of pillows, toy trucks, and beef jerky -smelling the way he smelled without a care in the world- in Wedgie Island.

By Sahar(lil devil) exclusively for moostive


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