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Monday, June 06, 2005


Life gets so damn funny when you think world has turned against you & that's when all your hopes are more likely to be faded away in a well-shaped piece of shit. life gets even funnier when you got a cell but you can't use it sending txt messages to your pals, life may sound hillarious if you think too much about it, so stop right now & don't read the rest, just look away for a sec ..... close your eyes now & think of something beautiful, okay now open up your eyes & look for something so nasty looking & ugly around you; once you've found one close your eyes again & draw that thing on a piece of paper blind-folded & then once you're finished call someone to guess what you've drawn is, if he/she is right throw it away, otherwise get it a frame & hang it on your door outside so everyone then can see your top masterpiece.



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