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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Duel(National Project!)

Is an Iranian movie made by Ahmadreza darvsish

The story goes back to the first years of Iran - Iraq war (1980's).

Zeinal is accused of betraying of his country. When he is at the age of 40, freed after 20- year imprisonment of war in Iraq. At the beginning of the war and rushing the enemy into the country he resists against the enemy with a group of local people opposite a train station in khoramshahr (southern city of Iran and near the Iraq boarder).

Eskandar and his companions ask Zeinal to stop a pre-planned conspiracy by trespassing the enemy to get back a package of classified documents stashed in a safe- Box on a train behind Iraqi frontline .....................

Check out the Duel's website by clicking on the pic below:


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