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Monday, January 09, 2006

Suspenders and crotchless panties

Storm clouds formed around my feet because they smelt and tasted unusually like smooth & creamy philadelphia cheese. Police said there would be no letup in their massive anti-terrorist operation despite the capture of the four men suspected of trying to bomb London's transit system. Unfortunately Asian elephants were beaten by zimmerframes & Harry Potter also ate all the horses & the big scary monster truck fell in love all over again. So anyway I noticed appearing a rather large flying piece of something, which I quickly established as almost regal pace. Incidentally while terrorists washed away all evidence of their activities in UK, they found a bored university student who still felt the need to post on this marvelously fantastical blog, despite having lots of work to avoid. Marxist was not his name. Suddenly Jesus hopped onboard & said this is stupid and a total waste of everybody's bloody time. He didn't know that currently in Portugal bishops are wearing suspenders and crotchless panties with no shame whatsoever!

Moostive / Jan 2006

ps: [MooShot] & my persian blog are also updated!


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