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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Okay here's one more situation. I'm sitting inside the University gallery as a volunteer steward to look after the Gerald Scarfe exhibition. Nobody's in so I'm working on my courseworks when suddenly a group of people who actually are on a tour around campus walk in. So I stand up & then the tour guide -who's a black Bristish girl- & I greet. Now I'm trying to count how may they are -to write it down on a visitors sheet- but I can't get the exact number from where I'm standing so I just get back to my assignment. Then in about 6,7 minutes the tour guide comes up to me & asks that I talk a little bit about the gallery. More info basically & I'm like Okay. I stand up again & am absolutely speechless. However I go like: I don't usually give speeches like this but well thanks for visiting the University of Surrey gallery, Lewis Elton gallery is part of Uni arts office, we run exhibitions on a regular basis concentrating on the works of national or internationally known artists as you can see now like Gerald Scarfe & ermm...erm...that's it really; so any questions? They don't have any questions, they then thank me & leave the gallery. Now I'm counting them again while saying goodbye & thanks. 34.

Oct 2005
(Situation trilogy)


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