not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: The Unreal Story / Maybe Part 1

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Unreal Story / Maybe Part 1

It was March the 10th, the day I was supposed to arrive at Mehrabad airport.
I landed there at 1:45 in the morn & obviously someone was gonna come, pick me up at that time. I had to look around searching for her, she was holding a sign "MY moooosi" so I went up to her & said "I'm Moosi, you gotta be Bebe, aren't ya?" Not saying Yes or No, she passed out seeing how I really look like in real life.
Minutes later she got up, gave me white roses & in response I gave her red roses.
Then we got in the car & what a bloody damn car man! Quality! Top shit! It was BMW!!! Then we were both like so what?!! She said lets go to Aabmiveh Tochaal and have some drinks but the regime had defined a new law that allowed nowhere to be open by 3:00 in the early morn except places like hospitals & stuff so she drove towards my house but I told her I'm gonna stay in hotel for a few days.
she took me to the best hotel & was like "okay sweetie, I guess I'll see you around." but I was like "Oh, come on sweet-heart, I'll be dead if I stay alone in this hotel! Are you really gonna leave now?"
At that point she was convinced to stay with me for 2,3 days. Everything was as planned & now it was time for...0oops; Sorry the rest of the story's kinda private!

Written by moostive & bebe
Re-edited by moostive


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