not necessarily about everything that i dropped off on the paper!: Saturday night fever / Catch phrases

Monday, April 11, 2005

Saturday night fever / Catch phrases

1. You know I daydream a lot.
2. Dream good, jerk-off better.
3. You sly fox.
4. Fear out.
5. Nobody says "Super" anymore.
6. I like it when you're quiet & not laying all that shit on me.
7. Maybe's maybe.
8. Spic dick.
9. She's a snotty bitch.
10. Fucking cuntsucker asshole.
11. You got a pair of balls on you, Gus!

12. Ex-priests don't stay back at home.
13. Annette, cigarette!
14. It's a stinking rat-race!
15. He's a half-faggot. He swings both-ways.
16. Are you as good on bed as you're on dance-floor?
17. Fucking sleazy whore!
18. You big fucking hump!
19. Snobs instead of slobs; right?
20. You're a lousy fuck.
21. But she ain't come yet.
22. I know you think I'm promoting your pussy but I ain't.


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